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To talk about your requirements further please call Kay on 01507 211 501 or email kay@horncastlerecruitment.co.uk

Vetting Staff

Nowadays the problems facing employers is not finding staff but finding the right member of staff for your business. For every vacancy advertised in Lincolnshire there are 100-350 applicants. 80% won’t even have the rights skills. The remaining 20% need to be vetted thoroughly. Horncastle Recruitment can find you the best staff for your vacancy.
We can vet all your applicants and give you a short list of the best candidates.
We can also find all the best contenders in the area; we throw our net far and wide, through all the right advertising and recruitment networks.
We can also reference check your candidate.

Recruitment Options

Horncastle Recruitment offers many routes to find your next team member; we ensure that you find the best choice of the applicants for your role that suits your organised.
Help with Job specifications

  • Advertising your position
  • Staff vetting
  • Staff Short listing and interviewing
  • The full Recruitment process finding permanent and temporary staff and short term contracts

David Wilson Managing Director at Stephenson Gobin Ltd

Horncastle Recruitment reviewed CV's and put forward some excellent candidates who have helped our business grow. We would have no hesitation using them again.

HR Services

We are specialists in providing HR support to small and medium sized organisations. We are passionate about HR and making the most of your most valuable asset – your people, so that you can achieve your objectives and further your mission.

  • Advice on grievance process
  • Staff contracts
  • Staff reviews
  • Staff checking including references
  • Staff mediation

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